Monday, 7 May 2018

The Private Life of Mrs. Sharma by Retika Kapur

Mrs. Renuka Sharma dreams of a prosperous future for her family.  While her husband works hard in Dubai saving money, she struggles to make a life in Delhi with her teenage son.  At the train station each day she encounters a young professional man who shares the same train and their friendship begins. 

Mrs. Sharma struggles to reconcile her traditional values with a progressing society, her beliefs with her actions, and her delusions with reality.  She considers herself modern because she has respectable work outside the home, but she always puts her family first.  She believes woman should have the right to higher education, yet convinces her husband’s relative to forgo medical university for a proper respectable marriage and a job in a pharma company.  She withholds information from others and, more importantly, from herself, to justify her actions. 

She fails to realize the impact her private life has on others.

-submitted by Karole-Anne