Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Rising Abruptly by Gisele Villeneuve

Gisele Villeneuve’s collection of short stories examines people’s relationships with mountains:  the thrill and terror, the thrall and passion for mountains from the Canadian Rockies to Nepal, from Montreal to Borneo.

Through various characters we discover the mountain’s ability to give solace and center to the aimless and disenfranchised. We examine the need for respect and caution on uncompromising slopes in light of the desire to constantly test and push limits.  In one instance a mountain’s glacial cold invites one character in a sweltering tropical country.  In another instance the mountains unyielding permanence stands in the face of aging mountaineers.

This is a tribute to climbers and their mountains and an insight to passion.

- Submitted by Karole-Anne