Monday, 5 February 2018

Before We Were Yours - Lisa Wingate

Posted by Marilyn Thiessen

Before We Were Yours – Lisa Wingate
This novel based on real life characters and history.  It is the story of an orphanage and the adoption organization that kidnapped and sold children to wealthy families. 
I was shocked to find out that this all took place in the United States in 1930-1940 in Memphis.  Georgia Tann ran the Tennessee Children’s Home Society in Memphis.  The families adopting the children believed the treatment at the orphanage was excellent and the children came from good families.  Instead, the conditions were ghastly and the children suffered much abuse.  The children, stolen from shantytowns and under privileged families, were then sold.
Even though the children in this novel are fictional, “Before We Were Yours” covers a disgraceful time in history.  Wingate shifts between the characters early lives and to the current time and she does this seamlessly.  A well-written, informative read.