Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Blinds

The Blinds (formally known as Caesura) is an ordered collection of cinder-block bungalows surrounded by a 14 foot fence on the sun-parched plains of West Texas.  The 50 residents believe that they are either perpetrators, victims or witnesses of heinous crimes and are part of a voluntary experiment in rehabilitation where their criminal memories have been surgically erased.  To maintain anonymity in their new lives they choose a new name from lists of movie stars and vice-presidents.  They live peaceably, with no outside contact, under the watchful eye of Sheriff Calvin Cooper.

In this secretive environment the story begins.  After eight uneventful years Errol Colfax somehow obtains a gun and kills himself.  Not long after, Hubert Humphrey Gable is shot to death in Blinders, the town’s only bar.  Investigators and interlopers arrive, the violence escalates and the once-docile community’s dusty streets are soon soaked with blood.

This suspenseful and dark Western includes elements of science fiction and mystery.  It examines the nature of crime, evil and redemption with insight and humour.  Not surprisingly, it has been optioned for a television series.

Submitted by Karole-Anne