Saturday, 13 January 2018

I Am a Truck by Michelle Winters

In Michelle Winters’ debut novel, Agathe and Réjean Lapointe are very much in love after nearly 20 years of marriage.  As Francophones living and working in a largely Anglophone community, they are happily isolated, relying on each other for everything.  The only apparent rift in their relationship is Agathe’s secret love of rock and roll that rubs against Rejean’s passion for Acadian folk music. 

Then one day Rejean inexplicably disappears leaving his beloved Silverado abandoned.  Consumed by grief, Agathe finds work at Steroblast, a used-electronics store, and friendship in rock ‘n’ roll loving co-worker Debbie.  As Agathe finds strength and stability in her life without Rejean, Chevy dealer Martin Bureau begins to unravel.

Set in rural Acadia, and featuring both French and English dialogue this is a weird and wonderful tale of love, loyalty and the unexpected.

-submitted by Karole-Anne