Friday, 7 April 2017

Slough House series by Mick Herron

When MI5 operatives mess up an op badly, can't be trusted anymore, get in the way of an ambitious colleague, or become too dependent on the bottle, they end up in Slough House, a damp, derelict office building on the forgotten fringes.  There, under the guidance of the abrasive Jackson Lamb, they drudge through pointless reams of data, and dream of returning to the MI5 offices of Regent’s Park.  The Slough House series follows this cast of misfits, called “slow horses”, through their grasps at redemption. 

Forced to rely on each other to solve an infiltration for intelligence, the murder of a retired spook, and the kidnapping of one of their own, they form a reluctant yet highly skilled team.

The writing is witty, and, at times, lyrical. The pace is fast and the characters, likeable and unlikeable, are unforgettable.   This is espionage at it's best.

submitted by Karole-Anne