Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Restart by Gordon Korman

Posted by Tammy L. Nischuk

What would happen if you forgot your beginnings? This is the story of Chase Ambrose who falls off a roof and gets amnesia. Back at junior high school he struggles to fit in and ends up befriending members of the video club. 

Chase finds that he has violated the social code of the school by crossing the line from athlete to ‘smart guy’.  Even worse, he seems to enjoy hanging out with the curmudgeonly war hero at the old folks home where his team-mates and close buddies were sentenced to community service.

Will Chase ever go back to hanging out with his old friends on the football team? Will he remember what he did to the girl that dumped frozen yogurt on his head? And why is Chase’s four year old sister terrified of him?

Written like a comedic mystery with a relatable cast of characters, this book was a good fast read. Gordon Korman has delivered an age-appropriate story that is about redemption, respect and rebuilding. Highly recommended for young adults in junior high and adults alike.  

Available from booksellers and libraries starting May 30, 2017

Proof Copy provided by publisher at ALA