Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody

This cozy mystery is the first in the Kate Shackleton series.  Set in 1920s West Yorkshire, Kate Shackleton, a World War I widow, amateur sleuth, photographer and good heart, comes to the aid of her fellow former field nurse friend Tabitha Braithwaite. Tabitha, who is soon to marry, would love to have her father, mill owner, Joshua Braithwaite, walk her down the aisle, but Joshua went missing soon after he was hospitalized following a supposed suicide attempt.

With former police officer, Jim Sykes, to help with the legwork, Kate’s investigations turn up many secrets that people would prefer to remain hidden. When several people die mysteriously, Kate must find the killer before he strikes again. 

This gentle, yet intriguing novel creates a believable setting with likable characters, and a compelling plot.

Submitted by Karole-Anne