Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens

Posted by Tammy L. Nischuk

Ever wondered what makes life worth living? Wolf Truly, the main character, struggles with that question in this redemption story. Wolf has come to the end of his emotional rope after a series of circumstances including losing his best friend. Together we join him on his holiday journey to Angel Peak where he seeks to end it all. Fortunately for him, others are also on the mountain trying to find their own path.

When Wolf spies three women, ill prepared for mountain hiking getting lost off the trail he is transported from self-loathing to a position of reluctant hero. What transpires is a five day journey where four people attempt to survive getting lost. Together they wander the mountain as they each cope with their own short-comings.

Lori Lansens grasps the reader with realistic internal dialog of the characters. While I found the survival aspect a little thin, the story was paced well and felt short enough for even the busiest of readers. Recommended for an interesting book club read.

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