Thursday, 14 July 2016

They Left Us Everything (A Memoir) by Plum Johnson

Posted by Marilyn Thiessen

After 20 years of caring for her aging parents, especially her Mother, Plum must come to terms with losing them.  During the caring years she felt resentful many times at the amount of commitment this entailed.  She moves in to the massive family home on Lake Ontario and together with her brothers she begins the task of emptying it.  In the beginning Plum is sure that the process will only take six weeks, but as that time draws near she realizes that she isn’t ready to let go.  The family learns so much about their parents that they were unaware of.  Plum really begins to understand the many traits of her Mother’s personality and events from her earlier years begin to make sense. 

This is a memorable, insightful read for anyone that is currently in this situation or has been there in the past or if perhaps you are in the latter years of caring for aging parents.  Recommended.