Thursday, 31 December 2015

Landing Gear - Kate Pullinger

Posted by Tammy Nischuk

Landing gear is a novel set in London England. We are enticed into the novel with the story of Yakub, the flying man, whom miraculously survives not only an airline journey in the landing gear of a plane, but also the fall onto the roof of a car. Enter the family: Michael, Jack and Harriet who become hosts to this unexpected visitor. All this ends up being captured by a young woman, Emily, whom is trying to put the story of her life together in a video documentary. What seems like disparate story lines are drawn together into a story of personal discovery and acceptance.

A short novel, this is a quick read. Humorous and at times wry this novel tackles topics such as teen drug use, immigrant workers, and loneliness within a family unit.

This represents the end work from the Flight Paths: A Networked Novel writing project where an original newspaper story was used as the basis for a cooperative writing project.


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